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NLD Pneumatic Series

Electric Demand Operated Drain Valves
Temperature Min/Max °F: 34 - 180
Operating Pressure: 0 - 250 psig
Models: NLD24, NLD24T, & NLD1
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

The NLD series drain valves are fully automatic; no electricity is required. Their low profile gives you the advantage of installing in areas where the vessel to be drained is only a few inches from the ground.

Reliable and economical, electric demand operated drain valves do not waste any valuable compressed air. They detect the presence of liquid and only operate when filled to a pre-determined level. Upon actuation, they discharge only liquid and close before any compressed air can be exhausted. Fully automatic, they require electricity to operate.

Features & Benefits

  • Straight-through flow valve design passes solids up to 1/8" diameter
  • Requires 115V/1/60 power
  • See-though vessel provides at-a-glance confirmation of liquid level to reinforce proper operation
  • Fully pneumatic, operates on demand
  • Non-clogging ball valve, no waste air, and no strainers to clean


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NLD Series - Drain Valves