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Gas Station Series

Gas Station
Monitors: Gas purity, Overheating, Dew Point, Gas Drying, ...
Models: Single Integrated Platform
Manufacturer: E/One

Power utilities and independent power producers are increasingly concerned with upfront and capital expenditures and subsequent on-site engineering and installation costs. They also require accurate, real-time monitoring information so that unit efficiency and generator performance can be maximized — and downtime minimized. The E/One Gas Station addresses each of these concerns and allows plant operators, together with E/One, to configure targeted solutions for original equipment supply and retrofit applications.

The E/One Gas Station is a modular approach that combines monitoring and control systems onto a single skid, customized to meet specific power plant requirements and budgets.

Gas Station modules include:

  • Main gas supply manifold and associated controls
  • Gas purity monitoring
  • Overheat monitoring
  • Dew point monitoring
  • Gas drying
  • Partial discharge monitoring
  • Seal oil system monitoring and control
  • Customized annunciator panels

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible, cost-efficient approach to gas monitoring and control systems for electric power generators
  • Modularity couples technology and reduced installation and on-site engineering costs
  • Customized to meet specific needs and budgets
  • Hazardous area designs — compliance with national and international requirements

E/One products are only available in Southern counties of NY and Northern counties of NJ only.

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Gas Station Series

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E/One's Gas Station