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GCM-A 2 Series

Generator Condition (Core) Monitor - Air Cooled
Air Flow Rate: Adjusted by Zone Manifold, nominal 14 LPM
Detection Principle: Submicron particle detector
Models: GCM-A2
Manufacturer: E/One

Advancements in air-cooled generator designs have resulted in increasingly higher power ratings. The higher power densities place significantly greater stresses on materials and structures, making slight decreases in cooling efficiencies much more critical. Probability of overheating in these air-cooled machines becomes greater as designs are pushed closer to their critical limits.

The GCM-A2 warns of an impending failure much faster than RTD’s or thermocouples. Why? Because RTD’s and thermocouples need to be physically near the hotspot, or wait until overheating progresses to the point that the temperature near the RTD or thermocouple rises sufficiently for the sensor to detect it. This results in a significantly larger “fault,” possibly a catastrophic one. The GCM-A2, on the other hand, detects the pyrolysis particles emitted into the cooling air as a result of overheating or arcing virtually anywhere in the machine.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous real time monitoring of overheating and arcing
  • Continuous self-checking diagnostics, microprocessor-controlled
  • LCD Display - status indicator during normal operating mode; prodives diagnostic and programming prompts when needed
  • Bar Graphs - one provides continuous, real-time indication of ambient signal, while the second one provides real-time indication of generator signal
  • Alarm points and system sensitivity are adjustable
  • Flexible system design tailored to individual situations

E/One products are only available in Southern counties of NY and Northern counties of NJ only.

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Generator Condition (Core) Monitor - Air Cooled - GCM-A2 Series

Manufacturer's Website

E/One's Generator Condition (Core) Monitor (GCM-A2)