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PSA Series

Nitrogen Generator - PSA Types
Flow Rate: Plant capacity to 300 T/D or 380,000 scfh
Purities: up to 99.995%
Inlet Pressure: 110 or 150 psig
Models: 3 Models
Manufacturer: GENE

Industrial Process Solutions is able to offer you a suitable nitrogen generator for any kind of application and any flow demand. Our nitrogen product range is subdivided in three product groups:

  • NITROSWING® Modular PSA nitrogen Generator
  • NITROSWING® Twin-Tower PSA nitrogen Generator
  • Generon® Compact PSA Nitrogen Generator

As energy costs are the main part of the operational costs of a PSA nitrogen generator in general, IGS has dedicated special attention to this issue and has developed an optimized PSA process in order to make the NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen Generator the most efficient product currently available on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • The only supplier to offer several PSA configurations to the market
  • We offer Modular PSA's that will grow with your increased demand for Nitrogen
  • Reliability of operation second to none
  • High efficiency operation (lowers your power costs)
  • Customized engineering to meet your process requirements
  • Minimal space requirements needed for our systems
  • Your own independent on-site supply of nitrogen and freedom from the ever escalating costs of nitrogen from industrial gas suppliers
  • Savings of over 50% compared to traditional industrial gas supply methods
  • IGS offers Cabinet, skidded, containerized nitrogen PSA systems
  • Our system designs are specifically tailored to our Proprietary CMS
  • Long-term commitment to R&D utilizing integrated, fully-functioning pilot facility
  • Ability to custom design our larger nitrogen generator plants to your specific requirements
  • Purities to 99.999% (10 ppm of residual nitrogen)
  • Rapid ramp-up to online production
  • Remote monitoring and control


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Nitrogen Generator – Compact Series

Nitrogen Generator – Expandable Series

Nitrogen Generator – Twin Tower Series

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GENERON Nitrogen Generator - PSA Types