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Quantima Series

Oil-Free Centrifugal Air Compressors
Capacity: 320 & 400 HP / 1,148 - 1,501 & 1,377 - 1,861 cfm
PSI: Up to 115 psig
Models: Q43, Q52, & Q70L
Manufacturer: Gardner Denver

The Quantima Centrifugal compressor with its patented “Q-Drive” motor and compression assembly delivers a major breakthrough in oil free compression technology. The Quantima was the Product of the Year for Plant Engineering in 2008. Take a look at why….

  • No gear box and no efficiency losses due to the gear box.
  • No oil at all….totally oil-less unlike the two stage dry screw compressors with a gear box & oil vented in the compressor canopy with close to the compressor intake filter.
  • No metal to metal contact or wear – one single moving part; one compressor rotor levitated and rotating at high speed in a magnetic field via active magnetic bearings, AMB’s


Features & Benefits

  • True Oil-less design with no oil anywhere in the package which means true oil less compressed air…no risk for potential oil in the process air.
  • Centrifugal direct drive design – NO gear box increased efficiency
  • Only ONE moving part in the compression air end, the rotor.  Less maintenance!
  • Energy efficiency  - with VSD and load no load control the Quantima 25% or more efficient than 2 stage dry screw compressors.
  • Lowest energy across the entire flow range of the compressor (kW/ 100 SCFM)
  • Lowest off-load power consumption 2.5% of full load power equal to 7kW’s on a 300kW compressor!
  • No performance degradation over the compressor life unlike two stage dry screw compressors that can lose 10 to 15% efficiency over the life of the air ends.
  • Smaller footprint  50% or more of a two-stage dry screw.  
  • Noise level is 69 dB(A) …lowest in the industry!

Lowest overall carbon footprint in class…..Nothing compares in this class!


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Quantima Series - Centrifugal Compressors