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Exactronic Series

Pneumatic Controlled, Motorized Ball Drain Valve
Operating Temperature °F: 34 - 1400
Operating Pressure: 0 - 200 psig
Models: EDS-2BV
Manufacturer: Air Systems Products, Inc

The EXACTRONIC Drain System (EDS) is designed for both trouble free and total maintenance free draining of water, oil, sludge, scale, and anything else that causes other types of drains to fail.

The EDS is superior to electronic drains that drain on time because timed drains waste air. Wasted air means higher operating costs. The EDS operates only when the reservoir fills. It then drains the reservoir without wasting any air.

The drain is trouble free because condensate and other foreign matter drains out through a motor operated ball valve. The straight through, large opening of the ball valve passes not only condensate but large scale, rust and other particles. When the drain cycle is completed, the powerful gearmotor closes the valve securing an air tight seal every time.

This proven method of draining away accumulations minimizes man-hours required for cleaning, repairing, adjusting, or replacing drains.

Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance Free Design
  • No Wasted Air - Saves Energy
  • See Through Vessel
  • One Year Warranty
  • Manual Override Button
  • Fully Tested
  • Optional Alarm contacts
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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Exactronic Series - Drain Valves