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Turbo Series

Centrifugal Blowers
Capacity: 2,400 - 70,000 SCFM
Pressure: 4 - 29 PSIG
Models: Single & Multi Stage
Manufacturer: Howden

Industrial Process Solutions represents Howden North America and their Donkin Turbo Blower. Howden is a global leader in industrial air and gas handling products.

Howden Turbo Blowers have applications in the following markets: biomass, cement, HVAC, iron & steel, mining, navy and marine, nuclear, petrochemical, power, transportation and tunnel ventilation industries. Applications include carbon capture, conveying, transport, gas processing, oxidation air, mixing, fluidizing and more.

IPS and Howden’s highly skilled and experienced team of applications specialists, engineers, project managers, maintenance technicians and manufacturing professionals make it an industry leader in engineered air and gas handling systems world wide.

Features & Benefits

  • Very high efficiency (approx 85%) that is little affected by part load running
  • Inherent anti-surge protection - steep pressure/volume curve to give inherent stability and protection against surge
  • Flow control - variable flow by means of variable vane diffusers, pre-rotational inlet guide vanes or a combination of both systems
  • Control system - is designed to maximize operating efficiency and provide infinitely variable capacities over a wide duty range. Fully automatic capacity control is achieved from a single input signal, processed and relayed to the electric, pneumatic or hydraulic, guide vane actuators
  • Skid mounted with integral lubrication - compact packaged unit, factory assembled on underbed to minimize installation time
  • Maximized system efficiency - overall plant efficiency is maximized with our 'load sharing system ' control philosophy


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Turbo Series - Blowers