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CAA/WA Series

Aftercoolers (Air/Water Cooled)
Capacity: CAA 130-4,500 SCFM
WA 50-3,000 SCFM
Removal Rate: up to 60% of water
Models: CAA-130 - CAA-4500
WA-50 - WA-3000
Manufacturer: Aircel

The Aircel CAA Air-Cooled Aftercooler Series (130 - 4,500 scfm) provide economical cooling by utilizing ambient air to cool the hot compressed air from an air compressor. Discharge air from an air compressor is generally 180°F - 350°F, depending on the type of compressor. With a properly sized aftercooler, as much as 60% of the water in compressed air can be removed. Air-cooled aftercoolers can reduce the size of a dryer necessary to meet system output air requirements, will extend the life of the dryer and filters, and reduce maintenance, making it an outstanding value!

Air-cooled aftercoolers can be sized to cool the hot compressed air within 5°F to 20°F of the ambient air temperature. Aftercoolers can be installed so normal wasted heat can be reclaimed and recirculated.

The Aircel WA Water-Cooled Aftercooler Series (50 - 3,000 scfm) and separators are an ideal combination to remove troublesome moisture from compressed air. Proper installation of Aircel aftercoolers and matching liquid separators, effectively assist in maintaining trouble-free operation of compressed air equipment. By lowering the temperature of the compressed air in downstream air lines using water-cooled aftercoolers, up to 70% of the water vapor present condenses to a liquid, which can then be removed by moisture separators.


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CAA/WA Series - Aftercoolers