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CNG Twin Series

Twin Compressed Natural Gas Air Dryer
Capacity: 200 - 10,000 SCFM
Dew Points: -80°F or lower
Models: T 80 CNG - T 3600 CNG
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

The CNG Series twin tower purification systems are completely self-contained, fully automatic, heat reactivated, closed-loop blower purge desiccant dryers. Located at the gas inlet of the booster compressor, they are designed to remove water vapor from Compressed Natural Gas. Using molecular sieve as the drying media, these systems will continuously dry CNG down to a pressure dew point as low as -100°F with residual moisture levels as low as 0.04 lbs. per mmscf.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically engineered for large flow (>200 scfm) heavy-duty NGV fleet refueling applications.
  • Specially formulated molecular sieve desiccant for minimal odorant fading and low-pressure drop.
  • Full-ported, poppet type non-lubricated valves for reliable operation and long life.
  • Down-flow drying results in less fluidization & longer desiccant life.
  • Closed-loop convection regeneration-no gas lost to purge and prolonged desiccant life.


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CNG Twin Series - Natural Gas Dryer