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Accu-Drain Series

Pneumatically Controlled, Non-Clogging Ball Valve
Capacity Min/Max: 450 - 1,125 SCFM
Operating Pressure: 0 - 200 psig
Models: ACD-3 & ACD-5
Manufacturer: Air Systems Products, Inc

The Accu-Drain will only operate when the see-through chamber fills up with condensation. The drain is designed to close before any air-loss can occur, therefore, the condensation can be "pumped" to an elevated location. No air-loss also eliminates the noise associated with timer drains that stay open too long. This feature is very desirable in areas where people are working.

The Accu-Drain's no-air loss design makes the drain ideal for systems that have oil recovery devices. The Accu-Drain uses a unique, straight through flow, non-clogging solenoid valve that was designed exclusively for draining compressed air systems. This eliminates the frequent failure of diaphragm valves that easily clog with small amounts of particulate.

Features & Benefits

  • Zero air loss during the condensate discharge
  • Ideal for oil/water separators
  • Reliable level sensor handles both water and oil
  • Completely self contained
  • Simple to install
  • See-through vessel for easy inspection
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Medium pressure up to 200 psi
  • Uses POSI-VALVE with clog proof straight-thru flow design
  • Non-clogging ball valve
  • No strainers to clean


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Accu-Drain Series - Drain Valves