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NLD Series

Mechanical Demand Operated Drain Valves
Temperature Min/Max °F: 34 - 180
Operating Pressure: 0 - 200 psig
Models: NLD8 - NLD21
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

Reliable and economical, mechanical demand operated drain valves do not waste any valuable compressed air. They detect the presence of liquid and only operate when filled to a pre-determined level. Upon actuation, they discharge only liquid and close before any compressed air can be exhausted. Fully automatic, mechanical demand operated drains do not require electricity to operate.

Features & Benefits

  • Ball valve type discharge mechanism prevents clogging from rust and scale
  • Pneumatically- powered operation. Does not require electricity to operate
  • See-though vessel provides at-a-glance confirmation of liquid level to reinforce proper operation
  • Triple-capacity NLD72T available for extremely large systems


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NLD Series - Drain Valves