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PL500 Series

Compressed Air Management Control System
Controls: up to 2 compressors
Interface: LED or Web Browser
Models: PL500 PLC & PL500 DCM
Manufacturer: Pneu-Logic

The PL500 lead/lag controller improves reliability and operating efficiency of two-compressor, single-room systems. This controller operates two air compressors more efficiently to meet plant compressed air requirements. Each compressor is independently started, loaded, unloaded, and shut down based on plant pressure as demand varies. A single pressure transducer, located at the compressed air system’s main header or air receiver, continuously measures plant pressure.

The results: a substantial reduction in compressed air system energy consumption and cost. Big savings for you!

Features & Benefits

  • Responds to production demand in real time.
  • Stabilizes system pressure.
  • Stages compressors to meet production demand.
  • Rotates compressor loading to balance operating hours.
  • Allows loading and unloading compressor control.
  • Utilizes efficient compressor part load performance capabilities.
  • Is compatible with all compressor manufacturers.
  • Maintains compressor manufacturers' native controls, alarms & safety systems.
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs.


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PL500 Series - Compressed Air Management Control System