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BAP Series

Breathing Air Purifier
Capacity: 50 - 300 SCFM
Standards: OSHA, CSA, CGA, ANSI
Models: 50-BAP - 300-BAP
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

The BAP series desiccant dryer purifiers are designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, safe breathing air from your existing compressed air system. Every purifier is a complete full-capacity purification system that performs effectively with lubricated or non-lubricated compressors.

The BAP meets these standards:

  • OSHA: CFR1910.134
  • CSA: CAN3-Z180.1-00
  • CGA: Pamphlet G-7
  • ANSI: Z88.2-1080

Features & Benefits

  • Meets OSHA and CSA breathing air standards.
  • Protects workers from ambient and compressed air respiratory hazards.
  • Increases worker comfort and productivity.
  • Simple installation-air and electric only.
  • RS-232 monitoring of system operations and maintenance schedule.


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BAP Series - Breathing Air Purifiers