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GP-198 Series

Coalescing Filter
Particle Retention: 99.9% on 0.3 Micron
Compliance: ASME VIII, Division 1 Pressure Vessel
Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Manufacturer: Dollinger

The Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filter is engineered to remove entrained oil, water mist, other liquids and solid particles efficiently from compressed air and other gas streams. When the Dollinger coalescing filter is used within its rated design conditions, an efficiency off 99.9% on 0.3 micron aerosols is achieved.

Typical Applications:

  • Water / oil mist removed from compressed air lines
  • Oil recovery downstream of rotating machinery
  • Pre-filter / separator to absorptive air / gas dehydration systems
  • Removal of final traces of free liquids from natural gas for the protection of instrumentation, valves, piping, etc.


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GP-198 Series - Coalescing Filter