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AI-128-V Series

Compressor and Blower Intake Air Systems
Capacity: up to 3,000 SCFM
Retention Efficiency: 99% of 10 microns
Models: AI-128-V Two Stage
Manufacturer: Dollinger

Dollinger manufactures a line of standard compressor and blower intake air systems. Custom designed systems are also available. IPS works with you to design and select air intake systems that are both cost-effective and offer the necessary level of protection. Intake air systems remove dirt, dust and other particles from intake air before it can inflict internal damage to expensive compressors and blower systems.

Dollinger’s AI-128-V is a two-stage filtration system that offers maximum protection. Systems can be sized to meet nearly any scfm requirement. AI-128-V systems use VE-157 panel pre-filters and MVP 502 panel final filters.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Performance
    99.97% removal at 2 microns and over 90% removal at 0.4 microns to protect the performance and life of rotating equipment.
  • Extended Element Life
    More available surface area with the TURBO KLEEN T design doubles dirt holding capability, extending element life and reducing element replacement costs.
  • Sizing Flexibility
    The TURBO KLEENT is capable of flowing up to 3000 SCFM rather than the standard 2500 SCFM. That is a 20% increase in capacity without penalty of added pressure drop. This sizing flexibility allows for a smaller housing and lower first cost.


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AI-128-V Series - Blower Intake Air Systems