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GR Series

Reverse Flow Wet Gas Coalescing Filter
Micron Ratings: 0.3 & 0.1
Temperature Min/Max °F: -60 - 240
Models: 5 Options
Manufacturer: Nowata

The Nowata Filtration Reverse Flow Gas Coalescer (GR Series) removes compressor oil, trace hydrocarbons and water. It is not intended to remove particles or large amounts of water. The standard cartridge used with this housing is the high efficiency, absolute rated, 0.3 micron Nowata NFF Series filter cartridges. This coalescer housing contains a large bottom sump area for the collected liquids, as well as a standard upper chamber sump. These housings are configured vertically regardless of flow rate to utilize gravitational liquid removal benefits. Automation is available for monitoring and dumping of collected liquids.


  • All units available built to ASME Code design rules.
  • 275 PSI @ 140° F and 1/8" corrosion allowance.
  • Uses the absolute rated 0.3 micron Nowata NFF12R, NFF24R or NFF36R Cartridges.
  • Higher PSI vessels are available.
  • Vessels can be designed to customer specifications.


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GR Series - Reverse Flow Wet Gas Coalescing Filter

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