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OWS Series

Oil/Water Separators
Capacity: 150 - 2,400 SCFM
Purify Rate: 15 ppm or Lower
Models: OWS150 - OWS2400
Manufacturer: Flair

The Hydroclean OWS provides an environment where the small percentage of an insoluble lubricant can rise to the surface to be skimmed off. Water that is displaced by fresh incoming condensate slowly sinks to the bottom, then rises to pass through our unique polar pre-absorber before finally being purified by activated carbon. From there, the clean water can be safely discharged to your sanitary sewer system.

The Flair Hydroclean OWS is designed for 24 hour continuous, summer time operation. Our ratings are based on 90°F @ 90% RH. Even in summers hot, hazy and humid weather that can bring 238% more condensate than you get at 70°F/70% RH, the Hydroclean OWS will perform. Properly applied, installed and maintained, our OWS can separate the oil and discharge the water with less than 15 ppm of oil remaining. The following shows how much condensate a typical 100 HP (500 cfm) air compressor (with a refrigerated dryer) can send to the OWS - every hour.

Degrees Fahrenheit / Relative Humidity
90°F / 90% RH: 6.90 Gallons Per Hour
70°F / 70% RH: 2.90 Gallons Per Hour

Features & Benefits

  • 24 hour continuous, summer time operation
  • Discharge the water with less than 15 ppm of oil remaining
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.


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OWS Series - Oil/Water Separators

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