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GCM-X Series

Generator Condition Monitor - Hydrogen Cooled
Air Flow Rate: Adjusted by internal valve
Detection Principle: Ionization Chamber
Models: GCM-X
Manufacturer: E/One

Corrective action prompted by early warning of generator overheating can mean the difference between a brief shutdown for minor repairs and a major overhaul involving weeks or even months of costly downtime. E/One pioneered the development of the Generator Condition Monitor (GCM) and in more than 1,500 applications worldwide, operators have the opportunity of taking corrective action if and when a critical situation occurs.

Building on more than three decades of proven field experience, and incorporating international requirements for hazardous area locations, the Generator Condition Monitor-Explosion-Proof Design (GCM-X) assures a new level in generator performance, reliability, and safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Microprocessor-based with self-diagnostics
  • Designed for hazardous location operation
  • Differential pressure transmitter for stable flow control
  • Dual bar graphs for flow and output
  • Spearate warning and trouble indicators
  • Automatic alarm verification
  • Optional remote control/display and communication
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free operation

E/One products are only available in Southern counties of NY and Northern counties of NJ only.

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Generator Condition Monitor - Hydrogen Cooled - GCM-X Series

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E/One's Generator Condition Monitor Hydrogen Cooled (GCM-X)