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Spin Filter Series

StayNew® Spin Filter Systems
Capacity: Custom Rates SCFM
Temperatures: -40°F to +200°F
Particle Retention Rate: 98% or 15 microns and larger
Manufacturer: Dollinger

These systems are designed to beat tough contaminants like fly ash, soot, dust, sand, grit, saw-dust, rain and snow and operate continuously. They provide clean, smooth air flow in a wide variety of hostile environments and conditions – even sandstorms and volcanic fallout.

All smooth-flow compressor and blower installations can benefit from the performance and economy of a multi-stage StayNew® Spin Filter System.

Their self-cleaning feature makes these systems ideal for locations where heavy contaminant loading is a problem for air intake filtration. Their strong corrosion-resistant construction means you can install them in locations where conventional filters are not suitable.

Examples of installations include:

  • Two single-stage StayNew® Spin Filter Banks, each rated at 42,270 SCFM capacity, at a fertilizer plant.
  • Two 3-stage StayNew® Spin Filter Systems, each with an 11,630 SCFM capacity, at an electric utility plant.
  • A single-stage filter assembly with 13,750 SCFM capacity, in the carpenter shop of a forest products laboratory.
  • Five special 3-stage systems, each rated at 510 SCFM, at a sewage treatment plant
  • Three 3-stage systems, rated capacity 21,135 SCFM each, at a coal-fired utility.
  • A 3-stage system with an 11,630 SCFM capacity, at a power station.
  • A 2-stage system with a working capacity of 79,260 SCFM at an Enhanced Oil Recovery facility.


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Spin Filter Series