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AMLOC System Savings For Heatless Dryers

The PPC AMLOC Dryer limits regeneration energy to match the actual moisture level presented to the dryer. In order to calculate potential energy cost savings over fixed cycle operation, it is necessary to estimate the average moisture load on the dryer. For purposes of this calculation, an annual average estimate is used.

Dryer Design Load (Peak) SCFM
Annual Dryer Load (Average) SCFM
Design Pressure (minimum) PSIG
Annual Average Pressure PSIG
Design (Peak) Temperature    °F
Annual Ambient Average Temperature °F
Utility Cost $/KWH
Use a conservative utility cost-estimate; for example .07 $/KWH, or enter your actual utility cost.


   Moisture Load Factor (percent)
   Annual Fixed Cycle Energy Cost:
   ANNUAL AMLOC Energy Cost:      - 
   Annual Energy Savings:                =